Site Council
Tully’s Site Council is a group of elected individuals who diversely represent each stakeholder group to insure that individuals who are affected by the outcome of a decision at the school site share in the decision-making process.

The Site Council is responsible for:
  • Making recommendations to the Superintendent for submission of the school’s 301 Plan goals, if applicable; the selection of the school administration; and the allocation of discretionary budget and for the school’s curriculum.
  • Determining the use of undesignated tax credits at the school as provided by law.
Meeting Schedule
Site Council Meeting
Site Council Meeting
School Site Council Minutes
School Site Council Members
2021-2022 Members
Sean Wilken              email Principal Wilken

Community Member
Robert Huerta            email Robert Huerta

Community Member
Carley Stewart           email Carly Stewart

Certified Staff
Alex DeVaughn          email Alex DeVaughn

Certified Staff
Larry DeVaughn         email Larry DeVaughn

Certified Staff
Jessica Harwood        email Jessica Harwood

Classified Staff 
Susan Ramirez           email Sue Ramirez

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