Preschool at Tully

Our preschools are ready for you!

We believe every child:

  • Is unique
  • Is social
  • Is a learner
  • Is an explorer
  • Learns through play!
Preschoolers focus on firefighter showing parts of a fire truck.

Research shows that children who attend high quality preschool programs are better prepared for kindergarten.

Preschool children enjoy stories, math, writing, science, social studies, art, literacy, music, movement, singing, block building and dramatic play.


Your child will enjoy meaningful friendships and increase their social interactions.

They will have peer role models for academic, social and behavior skills.

This prepares them for adult life in an inclusive, diverse society.

We know students achieve more in a place of learning where every student’s needs are supported by an inclusive community. 

Their teacher will be early childhood certified, and we keep small class sizes for high-quality experiences for your child.

Exceptional Education
Preschooler uses tiny pumpkins to complete a math problem.
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