Magnet Program

Magnet Program
What is Gifted Instruction?
  • Good teaching strategies
  • Critical & creative thinking
  • Authentic and culturally relevant pedagogy
  • Content enrichment
  • Group and individual learning experiences
  • Peer level learning
What is unique about GATE at Tully?
  • Gifted instruction begins in kindergarten.
  • Every teacher is required to obtain a gifted endorsement.
  • Every student receives gifted instruction in their classroom.
  • Every classroom is a modified Gifted self-contained model.
Tully Students will develop:
  • understanding of broad-based issues, themes, or problems within interdisciplinary and multicultural contexts
  • independence, self-direction, and skills in group processes
  • creative and productive aptitudes
  • critical and higher level thinking skills
  • risk-taking, curiosity, imagination, and enjoyment of complex challenges
  • convergent and divergent cognitive abilities
  • acceptance of and value for human differences
Who will attend Tully?
  • Students who qualify for GATE will be offered Tully as a GATE option.
  • Students who do not qualify for GATE may request open enrollment through the Magnet plan.
  • Neighborhood students may attend Tully through the normal TUSD boundary guidelines.